Behind every trusted brand is a story, and ours is a tale of love, family, and unwavering passion for the safety and happiness of children.

We are Lisa and Bruno, not just business partners but life partners too. We share a deep-rooted love for children, which has been the cornerstone of our relationship and our business journey. While we both have experience with children from different aspects of our lives, we wanted to continue expressing our love for them by bringing the best quality children’s products to market at reasonable prices in one reliable place. That's when Kidz & Bellz was born!

Our mission at Kidz & Bellz is simple: We aim to provide safe, reliable, and top-quality baby and children's products at reasonable prices. And we don't just stop there; our vision stretches far and wide, with plans to continually expand our brand and offer a broader range of stellar products to families across the globe.

🌸 From Lisa:
My affinity for children goes way back. As a doting auntie, I've always been deeply invested in the well-being of the children in my family, as well as those of my friends. Fate played its part when I met Bruno, giving me the wonderful opportunity to be a bonus mum to his two amazing children. This experience, combined with my time spent caring for my nieces and nephews, enriched my knowledge about the essentials of child care. I've seen the challenges parents and guardians face in sourcing safe, dependable products for their little ones. This sparked a drive in me to delve deep into the market, studying, buying, and testing a plethora of products. What has emerged is an unwavering commitment to identifying and endorsing only the best for our beloved kids.

🌟 From Bruno:
As a father, nothing is more paramount than the safety and quality of the products I bring into my children's lives. My obsession with ensuring only the best for them has led me on countless hours of research. I meticulously inspect every facet of a product, from its components to its manufacturing process. And even after all that, if I'm not satisfied with the feel of a product sample, I won't hesitate to move on in search of something better. This rigorous selection process ensures that at Kidz & Bellz, only the absolute best products ever make their way into our consumers' hands.

So, whether you're a new parent, an experienced guardian, or someone looking to gift, you can be assured that with Kidz & Bellz, you're not just buying a product; you're investing in a promise of quality, safety, and love.

Thank you for trusting us on this journey!

Lisa & Bruno